Campaign Import Tool

The campaign import tool allows you to move any ungrouped campaigns into a new or existing group. This will help to prepare your account for the migration to the new hierarchy arrangement on the platform. This transfer of campaigns will also transfer all campaign stats into the group. Keep in mind, you will not be able to move campaigns that are already in a group to another group. 

Creating a New Group and Importing Campaigns

Step 1: Select the option to Create Group.

Step 2: Click the Campaigns tab and select Import Campaigns.

Step 3: Choose the campaigns you want to import, and click Import Campaigns.

Panel A shows the campaigns that can be imported into the newly created group

  • Campaigns can be searched by name or ID
  • The Add All button allows bulk importing of campaigns 
  • The top right corner of the panel shows how many campaigns are not already in a group
  • The fourth column shows whether a campaign has already been selected to be added to a group, or displays an add button

Panel B shows the campaigns that have been selected to be imported into the newly created group:

  • The top right corner gives an option to remove all selected campaigns
  • The top left corner indicates the number of selected campaigns to be imported to the group.

Step 4: Finalize the process by clicking Create Group. 


Importing Campaigns to an Existing Group

Step 1: Select the option to Edit Group.

Step 2: Choose the Campaigns tab on the top. The same process should be followed to import campaigns to existing groups, the only difference is that existing groups will show if there are campaigns in it already: 

Step 3: Once you have selected Import Campaigns and you have chosen the applicable campaigns, select Save Changes.  

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