Campaign Types

When you are ready to create your first campaign, you will notice various campaign types available to you. We have grouped together common targeting options into these campaign types. Let’s explore what each of these campaign types is and what they are used for:


Desktop Campaigns – These campaign types target users on desktops and laptops.

Website Campaign – To run an ad campaign that targets a list of individual domains, choose this option.

Retargeting Campaign – Retargeting is a very effective tactic in which you target only users who have already visited a certain web page or completed a specific action on your site.

Audience Campaign – Audience campaigns target pre-built audience groups provided by third-party data providers such as Lotame, Datonics, and Neustar.

Contextual Campaign – More specific than targeting a list of websites based on the overall vertical of the site, contextual campaigns allow you to bid on pages with a specific sort of content on them. Centro DSP allows you to use Peer39 or Proximic contextual data.

Video Campaign – This campaign types use 15 or 30 second video as creative. The ads are “in-stream” — that is, they appear before (“pre-roll”), during (“mid-roll”), or after (“post-roll”) the content in a video player.


Mobile Campaigns – These campaigns types target users of smartphones and tablets.

App Campaign – An app campaign targets ad inventory in smartphone and tablet apps. Just like with a domain campaign, you can pick and choose from a list of apps.

Mobile Web Campaign – This campaign type is similar to “domain campaign”, except targets only mobile devices on web pages designed for mobile.

Mobile Retargeting Campaign - This campaign type is similar to "retargeting", except you target only mobile users who have already visited a certain web page or completed a specific action on your site.

Mobile Video Campaign - This campaign type is similar to desktop "video", except you target only mobile users. 

Hyperlocal Campaign – Choosing this campaign will allow you to target a campaign to a very specific area by clicking and dragging on a map, or uploading a list of coordinates. This campaign type is for mobile app targeting. 

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