Credit Card Declines

There are a few common issues that can explain why you may be encountering issues when trying to upload a Credit Card:

1. Double check all card information.

Make sure all Credit Card numbers are correct and you are typing in the correct CVV/CVC/CV2 number. 

2. Ensure there are no special characters.

The system will not accept any special characters such as: ñ, Ç, á, é.

3. Make sure all information matches. 

The information you are entering into the platform must be exactly as it shows on your bank account/bank statement. Our merchant gateway has very high security requirements, which means even the slightest difference can cause a decline.

If you have created your bank account with an address like this:

Suite 100
123 Sesame St.
City, State, 12345

But, you are entering the address into our system as:

100 – 123 Sesame St.


123 Sesame Street
Unit #100

You will experience a decline.

4. Follow the prompts.

If you receive a message that says contact your bank, there may be an issue on their end you will need to resolve prior to adding the card.

Once a credit card has been added to an account, the details cannot be updated/edited by a user. Please reach out to and they will gladly remove the charge profile so that you can add your new credit card details.

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