Campaign Stats

To view your campaign statistics, click on the grey gear drop down, in the "Actions" tab, and select Detailed Reporting.

The vertical Views menu on the left rail will update to allow you to navigate through the stats by:

  • Sites
  • Ads
  • Conversions
  • Exchange Reporting
  • Daily Reporting
  • Hourly Reporting

You can also view the campaign stats at the bottom of the splitscreen. If you click on the campaign, the same View menu will appear horizontally.

Ad placement statistics are only available on a Site level. This data can be accessed from the Sites view of the Detailed reporting. Simply click on the grey gear drop down in the "Actions" column of any selected site, and select Detailed Site View

It is important to note, there is a 400 day lookback window limit on stats. In other words, you can only look back as far as 400 days when viewing campaign stats.


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