Ad Specifications

SiteScout DSP accepts almost any ad format that is accepted by our exchange partners. Precise specifications vary from exchange to exchange. To ensure your ads are accepted on all inventory sources, please follow the IAB US Display Guidelines and Mobile Guidelines.

The following specifications are particularly important for the widest acceptance of ads.

Display (Banner) Ads

Image dimensions (Desktop):         

728x90*, 300x250*, 160x600* (standard sizes)
120x600, 300x600

Image dimensions (Mobile):

320x50*, 300x50* (smartphone banner, most common)
320x480*, 480x320 (smartphone interstitial)
300x250* (mobile interstitial, tablet in-app, mobile web)
728x90* (tablet only) 
1024x768*, 768x1024 (tablet interstitial)

File size (kb):

200kb max. bulk upload in ZIP files up to 10mb

File type:


Animation length:

No more than 15 seconds and/or 3 loops 

Max version (Flash):

10 suggested for maximum compatibility

Max frame rate (Flash):

24 fps


Creative must be clearly separated from the site content, either by a clear border or a non-white background color.

*Recommended Ad Sizes 

Other Supported Ad Sizes
(availability may vary, please consult Inventory tab)

120x20, 168x28, 180x150, 216x36, 234x60, 250x360, 300x50, 300x170, 300x340, 300x1050, 320x240, 320x320, 336x280, 386x300, 400x300, 468x60, 480x360, 480x800, 631x385, 640x480, 700x450, 750x200, 970x90, 970x250, 980x120, 980x150, 990x200


Video Ads 

Video dimensions: Minimum height of 144px
Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Max file upload size: 100mb

For SiteScout-hosted ads, SiteScout will automatically transcode the video into all necessary formats.

For more information, please refer to : under 'Universal Ad Package' for guidelines.



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