Campaign Not Running

There are a number of reasons why your campaign may not be delivering impressions. Follow this list to make sure that all of your settings are correct:

1. Is your account funded?

Before your campaigns can run live, your account must be funded. If your account balance is below $5.00, your campaigns will not run. Click on the account balance in the top-right corner of the SiteScout RTB interface to add funds to your account.

SOLUTIONAdd funds to your account.


2) Is your campaign online?

If your campaign was created in "offline" mode, you will need to switch it to "online" before it can run. On the Campaigns tab, use the ON/OFF selector to switch your campaign to online.


SOLUTION: Set your campaign to online.


3) Are the creatives approved?

Before a campaign can run, the creatives must be approved by our ad quality review team. You can see the review status of your campaign by looking in the Review column on the My Ads tab. You can also see the review status for ads in the Detailed Reporting section. Your campaign will only run once at least 1 of the creatives has been reviewed and set to "approved" status.

Approved Status: approved-status.PNG (Your ad has been approved)

Pending Status: pending-status.PNG(Your ad has not yet been reviewed)

Denied Status: denied-status.PNG (Your ad has been denied and cannot run on SiteScout RTB.  Our ad quality team will email you with information.)

SOLUTION: If your ad is pending, you should wait for it to be reviewed. If your ad is denied, you should have received an email from our ad quality team informing you of why it has denied. Follow instructions in the email to solve the problem.


4) Has your Budget been met?

If you had set a budget on your campaign, it will stop once the budget has been reached. Keep in mind, it is possible to set a daily or lifetime budget. Change your budget by editing campaign settings.

  • Daily Budget - If you used the daily budget feature then check to see if the campaign has reached that budget for today.  
  • Lifetime Budget - If you used the lifetime budget feature, then check to see if the campaign has reached that budget since it first went online. Use the date range selector to load stats from an earlier date up until today.

NOTE: Our pacing system will attempt to stop the campaign when there is $5 left in the budget. For example, if you set a $100 budget, the campaign may stop after $95. Adding an extra $5 to your budget allows you to work around this.

SOLUTION: Increase your lifetime budget, or switch to a daily budget. If your budget is $5 or less, increase the budget to more than $5.00.


5) Are your Day Parting and Flight Dates correct?

Day Parting and Flight Dates are optional features that allow you to control the dates on which your campaign will run, the times of day that it will run, and the days of the week that it will run. If you are using Flight Dates, or Day Parting, double check the settings to make sure they are correct:

SOLUTION: Change your Flight Dates or Day Parting to match the days and times you want the campaign to run.


6) Do the selected inventory sources support your creative dimensions?

Different domains or apps will have different banner sizes. Depending on the inventory sources that you have chosen, it may be necessary to add different creatives to your campaign. For instance, a domain that only has 300x250 inventory will not support 728x90 banners.

Check the domains or apps in your campaign to see if they support your creative dimensions. This can be done on the Inventory tab. 


A window will pop up with the exact ad sizes and ad positions that are available for the inventory source.


1) Add inventory sources to your campaign that support the creative dimensions you are using.

2) Add creatives to your campaign that support the available dimensions in your selected inventory sources.


7) Do the selected inventory sources support your Geo Targeting

Different domains or apps will receive traffic from different countries around the world.  Depending on how the publisher has set up their inventory, some countries may not be available. This can be done on the Inventory tab. To see the creative dimensions from an inventory source, click on the grey gear drop down, under "Actions" and select Geo Stats.


A window will pop up with the exact geos that are available for the inventory source.

SOLUTIONAdd inventory sources to your campaign that have available impressions in your targeted country.


8) Is your Retargeting list too small?

If you are running a retargeting campaign there are 2 main reasons why it might not be running:

A) Audience is too small:  If have a very small number of users in your audience, it is possible that they have not been seen on any of the selected inventory sources.

SOLUTION AContinue building your audience until it has more users, or wait until the users in your audience are seen on one of the websites in our inventory.

B) Inventory selection is too small: It is recommended that you choose Run Across All Exchanges/Run-Of-Network when buying impressions for your retargeting audience.  It is not possible to predict which websites your audience may visit, so it's best to search for them everywhere and anywhere.  If you have applied a domain whitelist to your campaign, this could also make it hard to find your audience.  NOTE: Retargeting campaigns enforce run of network by default.

SOLUTION B: Change your campaign to Run-of-Network by editing the inventory in your 'Campaign Settings', or, add more inventory sources to your campaign.


9) Does your Domain Whitelist or Blacklist match your inventory sources?

If you have applied a domain whitelist or blacklist to your campaign, it will be filtering the inventory sources you have selected.  For instance, if you select as an inventory source, but then apply a domain whitelist with only in it, the campaign will not buy impressions.  This is because inventory from will never come from the domain, and all impressions will be filtered out.


1) Remove the domain whitelist or blacklist.

2) Update domain whitelist or blacklist to match the inventory sources you have selected

3) Update the inventory sources to match the domain blacklist or whitelist

NOTE: When using a domain whitelist, it is recommended to set inventory sources to Run Across All Exchanges/Run-Of-Network.


10) Do your Brand Protection settings match your inventory sources?

If you have applied Brand Protection to your campaign it may stop your campaign from running.  There are 2 reasons for this:

1) The inventory sources selected are not brand safe, according to your Brand Protection settings.

2) SiteScout is unable to retrieve any brand safety information on the chose inventory sources, and cannot verify your Brand Protection settings.


1) Either change/remove brand protection settings, allowing your campaign to buy on the selected inventory sources.

2) Add new inventory sources to your campaign that meet the Brand Protection requirements you have selected.

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