Bulk Edit Locations

When you're editing multiple campaigns with the Bulk Edit Locations dialog, you can add location targeting to your selected campaigns or overwrite the campaigns' current targeting with new location targets.

As you apply changes with the Geographic Locations, DMA Code, and ZIP/Postal Code fields, you see the rules in the preview screen on the bottom. The new rules aren't applied to your campaigns until you click Save

If you click Cancel at any point in this process, you cancel all of the rules you see in the preview. 

The new rules you set up can overwrite all existing location targeting rules, or they can be added to the existing rules. You control this by choosing an Action.


To overwrite the campaigns' current location targeting:

  • Select Replace existing location rules.

The rules you save are applied to the selected campaigns, and all previous rules are deleted. 

To keep the current location targeting and add the new rules:

  • Select Add to existing location rules.

The rules you save are added to the previously existing rules. If any of the new rules target a location that overlaps with the location for an existing rule, the new rule overrides the existing rule. 

For example, if an existing rule includes Boston and a new rule excludes Massachusetts, all of Massachusetts is excluded. The rule to include Boston is discarded.  

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