Bulk Edit Campaign Names

When you're editing multiple campaigns with the Bulk Edit Campaign Names dialog, you can add prefixes (text added before the current name) or suffixes (text added after the current name) of the selected campaigns or find  and replace text in the campaign names. 

As you apply changes with the Prefix, Suffix, and Find and Replace fields on the left, you see the changes in the preview screen on the right. The changes aren't made to your campaign names until you click Save

If you click Cancel at any point in this process, you cancel all of the changes you see in the preview. 

For example, to add text to the front of each campaign name, enter the text in the Prefix field and click Apply:


In the preview on the right, you see the new name for each of your campaigns:


Now you can make more changes--by adding more prefixes and suffixes, or finding and replacing--or you can click Save to rename the campaigns. 

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