Advanced Optimization Settings

These optional settings give you more control over how you would like the optimizer to act. If you do not select Advanced optimization settings, then SiteScout calculates these values for each campaign based on the other parameters you have set for it.

Note: If you select the Advanced optimization settings checkbox, you can and should change the default settings based on your campaign's goals.

For CTR and VCR

  • Bid Step: Amount by which the CPM bid is going to increase every 12 hours. 
    • The pre-set value is $0.10.
  • Impression Threshold: Minimum amount of impressionsrequired in a two-week period before the optimizer turns off a placement if it is not meeting the Optimization Goal.
    • The pre-set value for CTR is 1,000 impressions per placement. 
    • The pre-set value for VCR is 500 impressions per placement. 


  • Minimum bid: Minimum CPM bid that will be given to a placement.
    • The pre-set value is 1/4 of the Default CPM Bid value you set in the Budget 
    • Turn off placements at Minimum Bid: Option to turn OFF placements once they reach the Minimum Bid, otherwise the placements stay ON at the minimum bid value.
  • Bid Step: Amount by which the CPM bid is going to increase or decrease every 12 hours.
    • The pre-set value is $0.10 for all.
  • Learn Budget: Minimum amount of the campaign's total media spend required before the Optimizer starts changing the CPM bid prices of individual placements.
    • For campaigns using a Daily Budget: the pre-set value is the Daily Budget x 4.
    • For campaigns using an All Time Budget: the pre-set value is (Total Budget / Number of days in flight) x 4.



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