The Basics of Retargeting

Retargeting allows you to track all users that visit your webpage (or any online destination), and find those users across almost any site on the web. By building a retargeting list or “audience” of users who have visited a certain website, you can create powerful customized campaigns, tailored to those specific users, and which will only be seen by those users.

Primary Advantages of Retargeting

  1. Brand Recognition: Users who recognize your brand will now see your advertisements displayed across thousands of websites, creating the impression of a large-scale advertising campaign, but for a fraction of the budget.

  2. Cost Effectiveness: The highly targeted nature of retargeting requires you to pay higher-than-normal CPM prices compared to broadly targeted campaigns. However, due to the relatively limited size of audiences, overall costs are generally lower, while campaign performance is typically higher.

  3. Behavioral Targeting: It’s possible to create campaigns that only target users who fall into certain behavioral groups. For example, users who are:

    • known to click on banners
    • known to enter their e-mail address into forms
    • known to make online purchases with a credit card
    • known to purchase specific types of products
    • and so on…

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions that we get from our advertisers.

Q: Is there an extra fee for retargeting?

A: No, there are no extra fees. You only pay for the impressions you win, just like any campaign.

Q: Can SiteScout find users who arrived at my site from other traffic sources/networks?

A: Yes! Regardless of how people arrived at your page, our system can track them. Whether they came from search engines, links from other websites, or even media buys on other ad networks; they will all be captured in your audience.

Q: Who cannot be tracked with retargeting?

A: Users who have cookies disabled cannot be tracked using retargeting. In addition, users who were being tracked, but subsequently erased their cookies, will no longer be tracked, unless they revisit your website and receive a new cookie.

Q: How large should my retargeting list be to start my campaign?

While there is no minimum required we generally recommend an audience list of 1000 people or more to begin seeing significant bidding activity on the SiteScout RTB platform. If you don't have high volumes of organic traffic, it is worth considering a strategy to drive traffic to your site using other campaign types. Doing so will populate your audience pools quickly, and set you up for success when creating a retargeting campaign.

Q: Is it difficult to set up a retargeting campaign?

A: Setting up retargeting is very easy! You paste a small piece of code on the page (or footer of the site) on which you want to build your retargeting list, but otherwise it’s almost the same as creating a traditional campaign.