Turn a Conversion List into an Audience List

Capturing conversions on the platform can be useful for reporting purposes, but can also help when you are building retargeting campaigns. In some cases, you will not want to retarget users who have already make a purchase or completed a conversion. In order to assign these converted user into an audience list, you can capture conversions into an audience group. The first step is set up the conversion pixel.

Once you have created your conversion, click on the grey gear drop down under the Actions column and select Audience Capture.

Under the Conversions options, select Capture all pixel loads into audience and choose the audience group from the drop down. This will assign all users who complete a conversion, causing the conversion pixel to fire, into the chosen audience group. If you do not have an audience group already created, you can create one by selecting Create a New Audience.

Once you have selected the audience you want, hit Save and this audience list will now be available to you in your Retargeting Campaign.