Audience Targeting


Third Party Audience targeting allows advertisers to only target specific users who match a set of characteristics or interests. For example, advertisers can choose to have their ads served only to users who match chosen segments such as "Interest::Food & Drink” or “In-Market::Real Estate“.


Best Practices

When running a campaign with audience targeting, we highly recommend that you choose “Run of Network” or a high volume of general sites. The real power of audience targeting lies in the ability to find the users who match your targeting on a variety of different sites. In other words, targeting users in-market for real estate on a real estate site would be redundant. Targeting more general sites, like news outlets, forums, or blogs, is where you great chances of finding these users as well.

If you are going to be using more than one audience segment, joining them with AND, you will need to ensure that you are choosing segments from the same data provider. Keep in mind, when adding audience or contextual segments, AND and OR follow the boolean logic on the SiteScout platform. The more AND rules you have, the more narrow your targeting and the more you restrict your campaign. We recommend starting with 2 segments you are using AND. The more OR segments, the more broad you will be in your targeting, and the higher chance you have of exhausting your budget. If you are using OR, we recommend starting with around 2-3 segments, and you can add more if the campaign is still not getting traction.