Conversion Tracking Methodology


You have the option to configure the following conversion settings for campaigns:



Tracking List

Specify the conversions you would like this campaign to track by selecting them from the list. You may select multiple conversions.


Specify whether you want to track clickthrough conversions, viewthrough conversions, or both.

Lookback Window

The maximum number of days that can elapse between a click and a conversion or a view and a conversion for the conversion to still be counted. Note that if a view happens after a click, we will still count as a clickthrough conversion if it is within the lookback window as clicks are a stronger signal.

Value Viewthrough Conversions

Some advertisers may have determined that they value viewthrough conversions at a lower value than clickthrough conversions. Setting a value of less than 100% will discount the revenue associated with a viewthrough conversion accordingly. For example, if your conversion has revenue of $10 associated and the viewthrough conversion valuation is 50%, we will count only $5 of revenue.


How do you want multiple conversion events to be handled? The default setting is appropriate under most circumstances. If a conversion pixel is triggered more than once within two minutes, we will only count one conversion. This balances the chance of accidental repeat fires (for example, if a user refreshes the page) with the possibility of multiple conversion events happening (for example, if a user makes a second purchase in the same day). However, you may also apply more or less restrictive counting settings as you prefer.