Bulk Editing Campaigns

If you want to make the same changes to many campaigns at once, you can use the Bulk Edit button. With bulk editing, you can make changes to

  • Campaign names
  • Campaign status (taking the campaigns online or offline, or archiving them)
  • Default CPM bid
  • Budget
  • Dayparting rules
  • Location targeting

To bulk edit campaigns:

  1. Go to a group's campaigns.

  2. Select the campaigns that you want to edit using the check boxes on the left.

  3. Click Bulk Edit and select the type of changes that you want to make:

    • Campaign Names: Add a prefix or suffix to the campaigns or find and replace text in the campaign names.
    • General Settings: Make updates to the campaign status, bid price, budget, and flight dates.
    • Day Parting: Control what times and days the campaigns can bid on impressions.
    • Locations: Add additional location targeting to your campaigns, or reset the campaigns' current targeting.
  4. Click Save to apply your changes. Some of the bulk editing windows will show a preview of your changes, but the campaigns themselves do not update until you click Save.