Brand Hierarchy

The SiteScout RTB platform organizes campaigns by Brands and Groups. Each Brand will represent each client you are working with, and will contain all the ads (creatives), audience groups and conversion pixels. Each Group will live under a specific brand and will represent a set of Campaigns for that specific client.

It is important to note that ads, audiences, and conversions can be used by any campaign within the brand, but cannot be used by a campaign with a different brand.

You must create a brand before you can create any campaign groups, campaigns, ads, conversion pixels, or audiences.

To create a brand:

  1. From the main dashboard, click New Brand.

  2. Give the brand a Name.

  3. Add any relevant Notes.

  4. Click Save to create the brand.

Brand Assets

If you select Brands from the Views in the left menu, you will see all brands on the top of the split screen. When you select a brand on the top half of the screen, you will see the brand's groups, ads, audiences, and conversions in the bottom half.

Within each Group, you will find all the associated Campaigns and for each Campaign, you will be able to see the Domains, Ads, Conversions, Exchange Reporting, Daily Reporting, or Hourly Reporting view.

You are able to switch views from the left menu, as well as using the tabs above the bottom half of the split screen.